How Prometheus should have ended

5 09 2012

This really is better than the movie.  It also pretty much summarizes the whole movie in 3 minutes.

My favourite part is “The Claaaaawww!!!” part.  Enjoy!

Horror movie’s early mornings

30 06 2012

Here I am, in my boxers and typing this up at 5 in the morning.  I actually woke up and at 4am, but have been busy uploading travel videos I took while I was on vacation in China on youtube.  This early morning wake-up and inability to fall asleep again is an unfortunate side effect to watching horror movies, of which the latest I saw last night was Prometheus.  Sure, there isn’t much horror to it — relative to the adventure and sci-fi in the film — but I have a good memory, and those scenes where aliens dive down humans’ throats or are set to explode out of bellies are enough to wake me up and keep me up.  And sure, the horror is mean aliens, which, as we all know, is probably the least likely horror monster/thing to actually come and visit me at night (as opposed to, say, ghosts), but it doesn’t matter!  Scary is scary.

This is why I don’t like horror films.  Not because they’re scary while I’m watching them — mostly, I just scoff or roll my eyes as people die on-screen — but because I make them scary in my head after.