Anybody want to do a project with me?

31 03 2014

You have to be living in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area in Vancouver, though. And since I know all of zero people in Vancouver actually read my blog, I’ll probably have about zero chance of anyone responding to this. But just in case, the Vancouver Foundation is offering small neighbourhood grants to residents who have project ideas to green-up their neighbourhood. I was so excited to do something — until I realized that there have to be at least two people attached to a project. Ugh, relying on people. Who needs people.

So if you want to work with me on this and be controlled by my possessive ways, leave me a comment! Or if you want to do a project yourself without someone else, here’s the link for more info:

Should I retire from filmmaking?

15 09 2013

David Suzuki’s Queen of Green

10 05 2013

I’ve been trying to do make my own products instead of buying ones in the store filled with chemicals and things I can’t even pronounce. Making your own stuff, like soap, for instance, is cheap, easy, and really fun. On David Suzuki’s website, there’s a blog called Queen of Green, which has short news articles, tips, information, and recipes to make your own… whatever, really. From soap to deodorant to toothpaste, the Queen of Green is a reliable place to start looking for stuff you might want to create at home.

I’m itching to make more of my own soap sometime, but I’d also like to try my hand at dish soap and toothpaste as well. What are you all interested in making?