Final (scathing) thoughts about UBC

25 02 2014

In yet another email from UBC, I was invited to share my thoughts on my undergrad experience and to give feedback. Most of it was standard, boring survey stuff, but at the end, I had a big blank box to add any other thoughts about UBC. Here’s what I wrote:

UBC is a school renowned for not the quality of instruction, but the brand. As such, instructors are experienced in their field of study, but are not trained as educators (some worse than others). This leads to ineffective and often frustrating learning. For the amount of tuition we pay as students, and for a “world-class” university, this is sad and has left me very disappointed in my educational experience. I thoroughly enjoy the Creative Writing program, but for many courses and instructors in the rest of the university, it has been truly a letdown; courses in which I was excited to take and learn have left me disinterested and disheartened after. Many dismiss or downplay getting a bad instructor, but it’s much more than that; you feel upset/bored/tired going to class; you’re bored/tired in class; and after class, you’re upset and carry around negative emotions that impact the rest of your day. And to top it all off, you’re paying for this experience. This has happened time and time again, not just to me, but to others I know too. I am proud to have been a part of the Creative Writing program, but almost ashamed to have done it at UBC.

UBC prides itself with being a gorgeous campus with shiny new buildings. But if they can’t afford to hire trained educators, it seems clear that their money’s simply going to maintaining a grotesque facade and continuing their swindling scheme on unsuspecting future students.