Youth — Foxes

2 02 2014

Really digging this song right now.

Don’t tell me our youth is running out, it’s only just begun…

The Longest Time

4 01 2014

Have had this song in my head for the past few days. Why don’t people love Billy Joel more?

¿Donde esta Santa Claus?

24 12 2013

I love you, Guster.


20 05 2013

Normally, I highly dislike Top 40 songs because they’re simply terrible, but for some reason, this song won’t leave my mind. The melody is just so good, and the lyrics are surprisingly distinct. This version is my favourite because, well, it’s the best. The produced version should be a remix, not the other way around.

Oh. And I learned to play this on the piano today.

You Made Me Love You

8 01 2013

You may have noticed I’ve been posting lots of videos/music links in the past few days.  Mostly, I just don’t know what to say and these videos and songs have been in my mind lately.  Also writing a real post about something substantial is turning into a daunting task because I associate it with taking a long time.  And it does– take a long time, to write something substantial, and I give myself all these excuses like how I have other things to write for my creative writing classes (which is true).  But I should probably stop thinking that.

Anyway, I need to get back into songwriting for my lyrics class and I’ve been wanting to write an older-type classic-sounding song, like this one, “You Made Me Love You”, originally sung by Judy Garland.  This is taken from the gay-themed film Private Romeo, which is a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet in an all-boys cadet school.  I can see why people might not like the film, but I really do, and the ending with Matt Doyle singing this over a ukelele is really cool and lovely.

Duquesne Whistle

6 01 2013

I find this really sad.

The Hardest Part

29 12 2012

It happened again.  I “got” another song, and it just broke my heart when I sang it because it`s exactly how I feel and it`s what I`ve always been struggling to deal, especially this month: loneliness and feeling like people just let go of me, and I take no part in it.

I still wonder what it`s all about.

“Anything Could Happen” — Ellie Goulding

9 11 2012

When I first heard this song, I’ll admit, I wasn’t impressed.  Too electronic, too much production, boring melody, just too much going on.  For some inexplicable reason, I have found myself listening to it more and more, enjoying it more until it’s now become blog-worthy (on my blog, anyway).

So yeah.  Here it is.

“Breaking Down” — Florence + the Machine

18 10 2012

I don’t know what to say, so here’s a song dedicated to my friend, Curtis Blurtis (that’s not his actual name).

“The Magic Position” — Patrick Wolf

16 10 2012

I only recently discovered this guy, and holy crap, he is amazing.  He is the pianist and songwriter that I aspire to be.

I cannot stop listening to this song.  It blows my mind not only because it’s so good, but also because, from what I know about him, he used to write really minor, gloomy songs (like me!).  In “The Magic Position”, he literally sings about “singing in the major key”, as if it’s such a big deal to finally be writing and singing an upbeat song.  I think that’s a pretty big thing to do — to be changed so much by someone as to sing and write different songs altogether.