26 01 2010

circa Grade 10, during my trip to England.  I’d like to this of this poem as a how-much-I’ve-grown poem, as it is quite bad.  But judge for youselves.


Apparently when I wake up
I’m supposed to think of school.
And when I get there
I can not break the rules.

Apparently when I see you,
I”m supposed to go insane.
But when I think about it,
You’ve caused me so much pain.

(Side note:  holy crap, this is terrible.  It pains me inside to type these lines.)

You just can’t see how [you] did it? (do you?)
So how can you fix it? (can you?)

Apparently you said it wasn’t me
and it was your fault.
Apparently the time was wrong
So you made a halt.
Surprisingly you denied that I
had seen you with someoneAnd apparently our love had slowly
trickled down to none.