“I Love Like a Lesbian”

1 03 2012

Wanted to post this one.  It’s from my reading at thrilLITERATE last week, the last one I read.

A friend didn’t understand the poem and although I could attribute it to his innocence and general naiviety about the world outside of his farm, perhaps there are others who don’t get it.  To understand it, you have to know about stereotypes, mainly that lesbians fall in love and get together VERY quickly.  I make fun of it but I also explain how I, as a gay man, am like that too.

Alright, now that I’ve told you how to interpret the poem, here it is:

Poetry reading

12 01 2012

I’ve been invited to a poetry reading next month!  And of course I said yes (what I actually when asked if I was interested was, “Uh, yeah, I’m interested!”).  Even though it’s more than a month away, it’s getting me thinking about what I want to read and ideas for possibly some new poems.  After all, a lot has happened in only a month… which I won’t share the details on here because 1. it’s way too long and 2. as open as I am, I don’t really feel like telling people this part of my life.   Gotta keep some sort of mystery. 🙂

But poetry reading! Yeah!  Awesome!