Dear Life

18 05 2011

I almost forgot about this little ditty I wrote.  It’s really short and is based on Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1 and was written to be included in a documentary short I co-directed/wrote, part of the Playing It Safe Project I was in a few years ago.  It’s also the first song I ever wrote on guitar, and it was difficult to record, even though there are only a few chords in the entire piece.  The lyrics came to me really quickly, possibly because I was just looking for something quick to write, but I didn’t end up changing them very much because I felt that they fit with the film and the message I was trying to convey.

As of now, I don’t have any recording of it up on youtube although you can hear it two ways:

1.  It’s uploaded on my myspace music page here:

2.  Watch the film!  A Dose of Life is personally my favourite film I was able to make with Lulu Gurney as part of the Playing It Safe Project (and I think that’s saying a lot too).  However, I don’t think the full version of the song is in the film (it definitely is on myspace).

3.  Do both!  I recommend this one.  🙂

Dear Life

Will I ever get off this ride of rushes?
The choice seems clear but I can’t decide,
I’m aimless.

Life extends its hand towards me.
Should I take it?
And as the moment passes me by,
I hang on for dear life.

Dear life…