30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 5: Favourite action

17 06 2011

Well, I’m not a huge fan of action films as I find most of them geared towards the usual 18-35 white year old testoerone-filled, swear-word-every-other-word, straight guy.  I have seen my share of action movies though, but nothing really came to mind when I discovered what the movie for today was.

So I had a scroll through imdb’s top 250 movies and filtered the results under Action and The Matrix was the one I felt strongest about, I suppose.  I had seen the film before, but until I studied the references to philosophy (ie. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave) and literature (Alice in Wonderland), it just seemed like a regular action film with some fairly cool special effects.  And it really wasn’t until I realized that the effects of the film were really different and experimental than the action of other action movies up until that point.  In other words, The Matrix was one of those movies where to fully understand and enjoy the movie, I had to learn a little more about the references.

Here’s a clip from the beginning of the film.

Last Text

7 01 2011

I’m going to use my blog for promotional purposes!  Hurrah!

Here’s a short film/commercial I wrote and directed called Last Text, for an ICBC contest on young drivers and dangerous driving.  If you like the film, please click the Like button, as there is a Viewers’ Choice award that goes to the film with the most number of Likes. I just submitted my film yesterday so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Thanks and enjoy!  Tell me what you think of it too!