I love Powell’s Books

14 08 2015

Excitedly ran around in the store today and ended up buying $60 worth of books. Money well spent, I like to believe.

I feel like I should take more pictures but it never occurs to me to do so.

A Brief History of Time

18 01 2013

I tried to take a photo with my body and face too but it was too hard to fit everything in  Plus, I kept smiling weirdly.  So here’s my crotch.  And Stephen Hawking.  All in one!IMG_1673

The new Mirror-shot

18 12 2012

I had this idea a while back but wasn’t able to do it until today, after finally finishing On the Road.  So you know those ridiculous, lame, silly, and just downright idiotic pictures people take of themselves via the mirror that make them look like douches?  Or more specifically, those who take photos of themselves after they work out or photos that track that progress as they spend time working on their bodies instead of, say, working out their minds?  Yes, I thought people were stupid and vain that way, and it really frustrated me that that was all gay people seemed to care about.

So, I came up with this.  Since I read quite a bit, I will now post pictures of myself after finishing a book (with my clothes on.   Too bad), as to show that not only do I read good literature, but that I work out my mind, unlike the typical gay guy.

Isn’t this sexy?IMG_1625