The End of Queerness

16 02 2012
The end of queerness by icy_snow88
The end of queerness, a photo by icy_snow88 on Flickr.

Had no idea what to talk about today so I wanted to share a photo I took last summer.


26 09 2010

From the sheet of emo poems written in Math 11 class.


Who are all these people?
We are not like who everyone pictures
us to be someone else.

10 Defining Moments of My Life (so far) — #10: Scott

15 05 2010

10.  Number 10.  The only really sweet on one this screwed up list.  I had met Scott 2 months ago on an online gay youth site.  I remember seeing his picture and immediately realizing there was something special about him.  It was just one of those moments when you see something in someone when you don’t even know them.  Scott lives in Kentucky and goes to Mortuary school (for funeral directors) in Indiana.  We sent messages for a couple months, and one day, I just couldn’t stop thinking about him.  We instant messaged each other, and I told him what was going on.  He told me he “had a thing for me” for a while, which I was completely taken aback, seeing as how I had never been in any kind of relationship before.  I went as far as printing out a cute picture of him and putting him in my wallet, smiling every time I saw it.  In the picture, he’s wearing a green and white striped shirt and he has this grin that makes me feel like he’s standing inches away, instead of miles, giving me an honest hug.  Needless to say, those limited days were the happiest I had ever felt.  Then, 2 weeks and 5 days later, it was over.  He broke up with me over a simple misunderstanding and even after everything got sorted out and I finally knew what was going on, we didn’t get back together.  And I still have that picture in my wallet today.  It still makes me smile when I look at it.