i can’t seem to type anything in the body of the text but that’s the greatness of using a phone to blog.

14 10 2013

Technology cleanse

18 05 2013

Lately, I feel like I want to take a break from using my computer, my phone, and my tablet. I don’ t use my tablet often, so that won’t be difficult, but I use my computer and phone every day. It just wears me out. Every time I plan on writing something on my computer, I get distracted by stupid things online and I don’t end up accomplishing what I want to accomplish.

With my phone, I get so caught up texting (not very much, as it is) or playing with apps. A few days ago, I ashamedly got Grindr — just to see if it was as douchey as it seems. It doesn’t alert me when there are new messages (which there are rarely any) so I end up constantly checking it to see if there are any replies to all the messages I sent out. After so many silent rejections from people, it wears you down. I’m in the process of writing about my experience, so at least I can have something to show for my pain and misery.

It all seems not very fair, but that’s the way it crumbles. Cookie-wise.

I disconnect.

12 07 2012

First, I detach myself from facebook yesterday.  And then today, my phone is weird and gives me the white screen of death (as opposed to Windows’ blue screen of death), rendering me unable to do anything (turn on/off, etc.).  At first, I thought, uh oh.  Now I can’t get a hold of anyone, especially when I need to contact people to prep for my film shoot next week.

But then I thought, what if this is a sign?  That maybe I should cut myself off from all technological communication and just stick to snail mail and perhaps, grudgingly, email too.

But then, I got home took out the battery to my phone, and got it working again.  Maybe this is a sign I should keep using my brain-damaging phone.  At least for now.

Angry people make me happy

29 07 2010

as I was crossing the street, a man who was walking near me stopped in front of an SUV waiting at the light and mumbled something to himself.  I thought he had perhaps recognized the driver or was looking to see if a bus was coming but as I got to the curb, I heard him shouting, “Fuck you too!  You’re not supposed to be talking on your phone!  It’s against the law, asshole!”  so I guess the driver had retorted with a “Fuck you” first.

He was also waiting for the 49 as well–the worst bus line in Vancouver, I swear–and when it came, it advertised itself as being full.  However, it was only moderately full, and there were hardly any people standing up.  As the driver stopped a few feet away from the designated bus stop and let people off, the man went up to the bus and I presumed yet again he was trying to get on it.  But he shouted some stuff at the bus driver, probably something along the lines of, “The bus isn’t full, you jerk, so don’t say it is” to which the driver responded by telling him to come over and probably replied with something along the lines of, “Screw you, buddy.  I’m a bus driver and I can put whatever I want on it.  Also, I’m gonna make you wait several more minutes in the burning sun for the next bus, so there.”  And with that, the bus driver drove away, leaving the angry guy (and me) waiting.

I like the kind of people who are brave and confident to say things that everyone is thinking but hold back on, and I daresay I admire them, to a certain extent.  They keep life interesting.  At least mildly.  I can’t think of anything else to say so I will leave it at that.  Maybe the next time I see someone driving while on the phone I’ll channel my inner angry guy and give them a good verbal thrashing they won’t forget.