Paul Rudd is my step-father… I wish.

24 01 2013

A few nights ago, I had a dream, one among many, that my mother re-married to my all-time favourite male celebrity crush– Paul Rudd.  She was so happy, happier than I had seen her in a very long time, and I–well, I was just delighted I had such a hot and funny step-dad.

When I told my mom about my dream the following morning, she didn’t know who he was.  I thought my mom would think for sure that Mr. Rudd is a typical unattractive gwai loh.  So I pulled up a picture of him in a suit, and she said, in Cantonese, something to the effect of, “You would match me with such a handsome man!  You’re really spoiling me!”  Or at least I think that’s what she meant.  Anyway, she laughed a bit and said that a few times, about how I was spoiling her with a guy as handsome as him.  At least I know she likes him now.