1 04 2012

There’s a bruise
in the shape of a heart
somehow floated in under my skin
stamped its permanent ink
with a boxing glove
and now every time i breathe
my bruise beats itself
and assures me
purple and blue are my new favourite colours.

Blood = money

20 12 2010

Me: “Guess what?  I had a dream last night that I got shot in the back and it hurt sooooo much!”
My mom: “Was there any blood?”
Me:  “Uh… maybe?  I think so… but it hurt so much!”
My mom: “Good.  If there’s blood, then that means you’re going to get money sometime soon.”
Me: “Oh.  But what about me getting shot?  Doesn’t that mean something bad?”
My mom:  “Um… no, not really.”