Bone #1: Out from Boneville

19 07 2016

About a month ago, I did some research into graphic novels that everyone should read, and this one was in the list. I’d seen various copies at the library but wasn’t sure what it was about. They seemed to be fairly popular though; even a friend of mine was reading the series (most of my friends don’t usually read). Although I’m sure the series will get better and more interesting, this first one was only OK for me. Not a ton happened but a few things were set up for what I’m assuming will be paid off later. I did like the scary-looking rat creatures that were also completely inept. That was funny and a nice subversion.

I tried posing like Fone Bone with his tongue sticking out like on the cover but I just looked dumb. But me in my underwear– not dumb at all. No siree.