Nothing again

6 04 2014

Looked at airfare to Halifax and St. John’s today. God, I can’t wait to get out of Vancouver.


11 03 2014

Sorry, I have nothing to blog about today. I did buy a $4.88 shirt today, but that’s not really worth mentioning. Except I guess I kinda did.

Yet another day of nothing

7 07 2013

Nothing to say, that is. I got nothing, except that Me Talk Pretty One Day is pretty damn hilarious.


17 04 2013

There’s this urge that comes over me when I’m sitting at home, relaxing, that I shouldn’t be doing it — that I have an assignment to write, or a test to study for. I have to tell myself that it’s okay, and that I’m allowed to for the next four months. I’m allowed to do nothing (if I want, but I’m too motivated to do other things to simply do nothing).