New Year

1 01 2014

I left my house last night knowing I didn’t write a post for the last day of the year, but I’m a low-key kinda guy, so I was okay with the blog ending on a small note (or I guess, non-existent note) than on some big extravagant thing.

And similarly, I thought I’d start off the year with a simple post. Yesterday, I spent the day revising a memoir piece about growing up and watching different representations of gay Asian people on TV and how that affected me. I submitted it to Existere magazine since their deadline was last night, and got it done. Felt really good about that, and it confirmed for me that I can in fact motivate myself to write and to keep writing and to submit my work when I’m out of school without assignment deadlines. Take that, no one.

So here’s to another year of even more writing, and hopefully getting a few more steps closer to assembling my memoir book.