Sexualizing desexualized gay couples

5 10 2013

It’s amazing how interesting studies in sexuality is. I have a three-page paper due on Monday that requires me to analyze, examine, and critique one of several article that we’ve read for the class, and upon writing it, I came up with all sorts of ideas and questions about sexuality — specifically, the need to sexualize desexualized images of gay couples (who are almost always portrayed as middle-class, middle-aged, and white). I think I’ll post it when I’m done because honestly, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of dissecting and thinking about the topic, not to mention writing it and making it academic (I’m always impressed with myself when I finish a good academic essay/paper and how formal and sophisticated I sound).

Also, here’s Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka being (very upper) middle-class, middle-aged, and white. But oh-so freaking adorable.