Cold War

5 12 2014

This makes me cry.

Why did I ever doubt you, Sarah McLachlan?

20 10 2014

To think I was put off by the $110 ticket to watch you live (although I agree with the husband of the couple sitting next to me who complained, “$110 for a ticket? We should be sitting in the front row!”). How could I have even thought about missing a show from the most important musician in my life since I first heard “Building a Mystery” way back when? Oh, Sarah. Forgive me for my hesitance until the day before to finally give in and buy the experience to hear you hit the crazy-high notes on “Fear”, to have my eardrums blasted out on several songs, and then be invited along with the rest of the audience to sing “Ice Cream.”

I’ve missed out on so much. At least if tonight proves anything, it’s that you’re not a god after all. Or at least paying $110 to watch a god is a pretty good deal.

I’m Not the Only One

1 08 2014

More music from the amazing Sam Smith. (Too bad the video is so straight)


14 06 2014

This is what resignation of fate sounds like.


11 06 2014

Found out I’m not the greatest at job interviews. It might be because I haven’t done one in years, and before that, another year or so. I think the best thing I did was trying to be funny and making them laugh. But now, as I reminisce about what I should’ve and shouldn’t have said, I just get this overwhelming feeling that maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. I should be writing or making films or making music as my job, something I actually feel comfortable doing. It sucks that the world doesn’t work that way.

The Man I Love

27 05 2014

I know this song is supposed to be hopeful and sweet, but when I heard this, I couldn’t help but think of arranging the song so that it sounds sad and ironic. Even listening to it now, it makes me sad…

Dancing in my room

26 04 2014

To some Lily Allen.

You Belong to Me

28 03 2014

You have now officially inserted yourself in many people’s heads, thanks to my play. But it’s a good song to get stuck in your head.

Her soundtrack

26 02 2014

It’s so good! Although listening to it while writing sad things = being sad and holding in tears. You have been warned.

Russian Unicorn

4 02 2014

Is it bad that I like this way more than the original?