“I don’t care about Star Wars and I never fucking did!”

21 12 2015

This is why I love Amy Poehler. Thank you.

Damn, I love this movie

10 05 2015

24 05 2014

It’s hard to find things to blog about when all you’ve done all day is sleep, eat, down cups of ginger and ginseng tea, and watch movies. At the very least, watching so many movies (different movies too) makes me pay attention to the writing — characters, dialogue, but most important, at least for me, story. And sometimes, the story isn’t very believable, as in a terrible movie I saw today called Bishonen. Granted, pretty much everything else in the film was terrible too, so maybe that wasn’t a very good example.

Excited for The Normal Heart tomorrow!

Books vs. Movies

20 10 2013

I have discovered Aparna Nancherla via her stand-up routine on Conan. And then after a youtube search, I came across this hilarious video about how books are better than movies in many, many ways.

Typical dates

4 06 2013

Came across this in my little notebook and thought it was a good point.

The thing about going to the movies on a date is that it’s all about knowing how to use it to your advantage, to show off your manners, your attributes. Yourself.

You can be the gentleman and buy the tickets while you let your date buy the popcorn. Making jokes during/at the pre-show, etc.

You can make any cliched date idea into something personal, add your own touch. It simply requires some thinking and creativity. And anyway, wouldn’t you want to try and impress them?

Goodbye, Ridge Theatre

3 02 2013

I will always remember you.

Curtis and Aaron at the Ridge

Frosted ice cream cones in my dream

20 11 2012

Nov. 20, 2012

I remember that my dreams were very complex and long, as most dreams of mine are, but I really only remember one specific scene.  I was at Fifth Ave, behind the counter even though I no longer work there, and I was helping out the staff because either they were understaffed or I was doing it for the good ‘ole times.  Anyway, someone ordered a “frosted ice cream cone”, which I had no idea what that was or how to get it, so I watched as two of the staff pulled out an oversized ice cream cone — one that was probably waist-high — and began filling the bottom, not the top, with ice cream.  Once that was packed in a little, they proceeded to fill in the top, like a regular ice cream cone, and then, tah-dah!  There was that humongous treat, in all its diabetic-glory.  Oh, and the cone was “frosted” because the top of the cone was dipped in chocolate (like the ones at the Marble Slab), and it was coated in what looked like sprinkles.  I said I wanted to have some sprinkles, so they scraped a big streak and all the candy rattled around on the counter and on the floor.  I picked up a yellow piece and chewed it.  It tasted like banana.  That was when I realized they were not sprinkles after all, but some sort of Runts.  How disappointing.

Farewell to intelligence

12 09 2012

Woman: “One for ‘Farewell to Rome.'”

Aaron rolls his eyes.

Aaron: “Do you mean Farewell, My Queen or To Rome with Love?

Woman:  “Oh!  I got mixed up ’cause someone over there was talking about it.”

Aaron:  “Uh huh.”

Woman:  “So that’s for Farewell, My Queen.” [pause] “No no no!  I meant To Rome with Love!”

Aaron:  “Is that your final answer?”

Horror movie’s early mornings

30 06 2012

Here I am, in my boxers and typing this up at 5 in the morning.  I actually woke up and at 4am, but have been busy uploading travel videos I took while I was on vacation in China on youtube.  This early morning wake-up and inability to fall asleep again is an unfortunate side effect to watching horror movies, of which the latest I saw last night was Prometheus.  Sure, there isn’t much horror to it — relative to the adventure and sci-fi in the film — but I have a good memory, and those scenes where aliens dive down humans’ throats or are set to explode out of bellies are enough to wake me up and keep me up.  And sure, the horror is mean aliens, which, as we all know, is probably the least likely horror monster/thing to actually come and visit me at night (as opposed to, say, ghosts), but it doesn’t matter!  Scary is scary.

This is why I don’t like horror films.  Not because they’re scary while I’m watching them — mostly, I just scoff or roll my eyes as people die on-screen — but because I make them scary in my head after.

Memory is a curse

14 03 2012

In my film class earlier this week, we watched Citizen Kane, also one of my all-time favourite films.  I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around, but this time, I was so tired that it became hard to keep my eyes open especially in the first hour, which made me sad– the whole time I was almost nodding off, I kept thinking, “I shouldn’t be falling asleep!  This is one of the greatest movies of all time!  But… must let eyes… rest….  No!  I shouldn’t be sleeping! etc.”

During the second half of the film, there’s a quote that really stood out to me.  It’s said by Leland, Kane’s best friend.  As he describes what happened to him and Kane in the past, he says, “I can remember everything. That’s my curse, young man. It’s the greatest curse that’s ever been inflicted on the human race: memory.”

I really dig that line.  And it’s true.  Sometimes I wish my memory weren’t so good because it constantly winds itself up with details that I know no one else remembers or cares to remember.  And then I go on about those details all day… a curse indeed.  Memory is a curse.