And now, we have a movie.

22 07 2012

Or at least some footage that will now magically turn itself into a movie.

Best moment of the day: 15 minute crew freakout to try and figure out what to do with hauling the equipment back home.  U-haul cargo van?  Calling up other people we know?  Coming back tomorrow?  Paying an extra day for rentals?  AHHHHH!!!!

Note: it is important to figure out how you will transport people and equipment.  Make friends with those who have big cars.  It will come in handy in the future.  Trust me.

Labyrinth of Fifth Avenue Cinemas

10 07 2012


Aaron and Daniela sit inside box office.  Aaron sells a customer a ticket, and there are three other customers lined up behind her.  Daniela, on the other hand, isn’t helping anyone at the moment.  A stanchion divides the line between the two employees outside where customers can form an organized line.

Daniela notices the people standing behind Aaron’s customer.  She waves her hand, trying to get their attention.

Daniela: I can help the next person!

A WOMAN, the next in line, leans over to face Daniela.

Woman:  I don’t know how to get to you!

Aaron tries his best to contain his laughter, while Daniela looks puzzled.

Daniela: What did she say?

Aaron: [through laughing]  She… she said… ‘I don’t know how… to get to you…’ as if it’s some sort of maze… all she has to do is turn around and walk through the obvious gap, over to you…

Daniela:  When she gets to you, you should tell her, ‘You made it!  Hooray!’

Aaron will have bouts of uncontrollable laughter the rest of his shift.

Fifth Avenue vs. Crazy Germaphobe Lady

27 06 2012

Fifth Ave: 1
Crazy Germaphobe Lady: 0

Jack and Jill — The Deep Blue Sea

28 04 2012

The movie The Deep Blue Sea (not the shark movie, ugh) is out right now, but not a lot of people have heard of it.  It’s a very powerful, understated movie that requires viewers to be patient and analytical of things said, but more importantly, things not said.

It’s not a film for everyone, as it can feel slow to the average short attention-spanned person, but I really liked it.  Here’s one of my favourite scenes, and the first one in the film that made me cry.

Beginners Theme Suite

25 04 2012

I posted this in Good Morning, Heartache a little while back but it’s been running through my head this morning, so I thought I’d post a link to it again. I only wish this were longer because it’s just so good.





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Hey Felixer (hehe, sorry, I couldn’t resist),

And here I was thinking I had scared you off by declaring your obvious cuteness.  Good to hear back from you!  You’re welcome and thank you in return, even if you are just saying because I said it first. :p

You’ve been busy with your game, I assume?  Halfway is good!  How many hours/days/months/years (?) have you spent on it so far?  And how much longer do you think it’ll take?  I figured you were a gamer. 🙂  What did you study in university?

I spent the weekend working, mostly.  Yep, I’m finished exams — in fact, finished school at Langara altogether now!  Originally, I wanted to graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Creative Writing, but I had taken so many English courses, that I decided I might as well finish with a degree in English, then transfer to UBC (hopefully!) and get a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from there.  Still waiting to hear back from them about that, so fingers crossed!

Ah, why have you chosen not to drink?  For me, mostly, it just doesn’t taste very good.  And speaking of drinks…

If you can manage to extricate yourself from the vice grip of your game, would you like to go for milkshakes or smoothies or — gasp! — some sort of alcoholic beverage sometime?  My schedule’s pretty open now that school’s done.

Talk with ya later!


Zac Efron is gay.

22 04 2012


Aaron is the doorman for the day.  A WOMAN (50’s), typical middle-higher class Kitsilano resident, strides in.

AARON:  Hello.


She notices the poster hanging nearby ofThe Lucky One, playing at the Ridge.

WOMAN: I saw that movie a few days ago.

AARON:  Oh yeah?  How was it?

WOMAN:  Well, that Taylor Schilling?  She seems anorexic.

AARON:  Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised.

WOMAN:  And him? (she points to Zac Efron)  He came across as gay to me.

AARON:  Ahh.  Well, there are rumours about him that he is.

WOMAN:  The chemistry between them didn’t seem real, and I didn’t believe it… but the story was good!

Throwaway posts

19 04 2012

I think I’m going to add a new category to my blog: Throwaway posts.  These posts are ones I half-heartedly type up before going to bed, so that I’ll have a new post for the day, however lacking in quality or content. Though writing anything, I’ve heard, is a good way of getting your mind going, I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating somehow.

I will say, however, that I watched The Deep Blue Sea today and I cried many times throughout the film, which I rarely do, and even more rarely in theatres.  Just thinking about it again makes me sad…

Here’s the very vague trailer.

Saw the Hunger Games!

28 03 2012

What a nerve-inducing movie.  I was on edge in the first hour of the film, super tense from the atmosphere and the dread of the upcoming killing.  Quite a good movie, I must say, and I do think it did the novel justice.  It holds up as a film on its own right quite well too.

Anyway, I gotta start on my Canadian Lit. essay so not much writing from me today.  Coincidentally, I did have a dream last night where I was in my old house and my family was forced to kill each other.  I was told a prophecy that I would kill everyone and win a big prize… I’ll write the details later and keep you in suspense about what happened.  🙂


24 03 2012

March 23rd, 2012

The same night I had the Mao dream, I had this one after.


There is an alien in the house, and no one seems to care.  And by alien, I mean the alien fromAlien– the big, black, acid-spitting, chest cavity-exploding alien.  I’m trying to block it from entering the kitchen since my mom, dad, and sister are in there as well.  They’re all talking amongst themselves, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there is a giant monster trying to barge into their kitchen, even when I yell at them to help me push the door since I can’t hold the thing off forever.  Just after I say this, it pushes its way in, and I kind of sigh, resigned, and run downstairs to safety.  I hear my family finally alarmed but obviously it’s too late.  As I run downstairs, I catch a glimpse of the black thing charging in, presumably killing my parents, then following my sister downstairs (and thus, following me too).  I’m about to lock the bathroom door and hop out the window and run for my life when I hear my sister behind me.  Should I lock the door and let my sister die and buy myself more time or should I wait for her even though she did absolutely nothing upstairs?  I ultimately decide to wait for her before locking the door.  She hops out the window first and I follow.  However, she turns left and heads into the backyard while I go right and go out the front yard.  I wonder who the alien is going to follow and hope it’s not me…

Then I woke up, terrified, nonetheless, and unable to fall back asleep for a while.


2 02 2012

Saw Hugo tonight.  Was really good.  No time left.  Will write later.  Sleeping time soon.  I like kittens.