Frosted ice cream cones in my dream

20 11 2012

Nov. 20, 2012

I remember that my dreams were very complex and long, as most dreams of mine are, but I really only remember one specific scene.  I was at Fifth Ave, behind the counter even though I no longer work there, and I was helping out the staff because either they were understaffed or I was doing it for the good ‘ole times.  Anyway, someone ordered a “frosted ice cream cone”, which I had no idea what that was or how to get it, so I watched as two of the staff pulled out an oversized ice cream cone — one that was probably waist-high — and began filling the bottom, not the top, with ice cream.  Once that was packed in a little, they proceeded to fill in the top, like a regular ice cream cone, and then, tah-dah!  There was that humongous treat, in all its diabetic-glory.  Oh, and the cone was “frosted” because the top of the cone was dipped in chocolate (like the ones at the Marble Slab), and it was coated in what looked like sprinkles.  I said I wanted to have some sprinkles, so they scraped a big streak and all the candy rattled around on the counter and on the floor.  I picked up a yellow piece and chewed it.  It tasted like banana.  That was when I realized they were not sprinkles after all, but some sort of Runts.  How disappointing.

That’s disgusting, holy shit!

14 05 2012

Me: And… here is your large drink.

Customer:  That’s huge, oh my god.

Me:  And you can get free refills on your large drink, by the way.

Customer: That’s disgusting, holy shit!

Fuck that.

13 05 2012

Customer:  I’d like a medium frozen yogurt.

Me: Sure thing.

I go over to dispense the vanilla frozen yogurt from the machine, since we’re all out of chocolate.

Customer: Don’t you have a twist thing?

Me: Yes, but we’re all out of chocolate right now.

Customer: Why are you out of chocolate?

I look around at the massive amount of people in the lobby, waiting to order food and drinks.  I guess it wasn’t as obvious as I thought…

Me: Because… there’ve been a lot of people today, who have ordered lots of food–

Customer: Fuck that.

*stunned silence*

Me:  Um… do you still want the frozen yogurt?

Customer: Yeah, yeah.

Why aren’t the lights on?

23 04 2012


Yet another day with Aaron working the door.  Yet another WOMAN (60’s) comes in.  She holds her ticket out to him.

WOMAN:  Your lights aren’t turned on?

Aaron is confused, to say the least.  He looks up.  Lights on above them.

He looks to the neon lights above the cinemas.  Lights on there.

He looks to the concession.  Lights bathe his co-workers.

AARON:  Um… yes, they are.

WOMAN:  Oh!  I have my sunglasses on!  Haha!

AARON:  Oh.  Ha.  Ha.

WOMAN:  And I thought you didn’t have the lights turned on!

AARON:  That’s… great.