Ga Ting

29 03 2014

I just want to congratulate my friend Minh Ly for his fine play, Ga Ting, which I managed to catch earlier this afternoon. I will freely admit that despite some humourous moments, I cried a bit during certain parts. It’s a really moving play that I think does a really good job at starting conversation and bridging the gap between being gay and traditional Chinese culture. There’s only one more performance left — Sunday March 30th at 2pm. Buy tickets here:

Check it out if you have time! It’s well worth a watch.


Watch me “act”!

7 01 2013

Here’s the rough cut of the first short film I wrote and directed, titled Stay.  As I posted in the comments (but not in the description… I should probably do that sometime), the rough cut was filmed first to submit to a film festival (the Vancouver Queer Film Festival) in hopes of buying me more time so I could make the film with Nelson and Minh. It was shot in one afternoon and edited quickly vs. the real film, which was shot in three days. I think Nelson and I did only a couple rehearsals before shooting too, both on the day of.  It’s imperfect and it really is rough and I wish I could’ve acted a bit better (but I’m not an actor so I excuse myself), but what’s there is there, and it’s not all bad.

Enjoy me half-naked!

Stay on youtube

11 08 2012

I uploaded my short film Stay on youtube yesterday and it’s already gotten 476 views!  I knew gay films on youtube were popular but I didn’t think it would be that popular that fast.

Anyway, enjoy!  (if you haven’t already seen it)