This city is a minefield

6 03 2012

I was thinking about “Half-life” the other day, and I came up with another metaphor that I feel really helps describe quite accurately how this city is tainted for me now.

This city is a minefield.

The state of love

28 12 2011

After we broke up, our love was like a comatose person.  Most people, you included, believed he/she was basically dead.  I thought there was still a chance of him/her coming back to life and awakening, and I spent ways in the next few months trying to find a way to wake up the person from their slumber.  When I finally found the cure, you told me you had already disconnected him/her from life support months back.  I was too late.

But more importantly, you had let it all go, and all those months of trying to find a rememdy for a corpse made me feel like a fool.

Moon metaphor

14 11 2011

A friend on facebook always posts these sickly romantic status updates and I decided to try and balance out his disgusting words of romance with my cynicism.

“I’d rather have you as my moon than my star, at least I know you’ll always be close by and I don’t have to reach that far to hold ur hand”

My response: “Actually, research has shown that the moon is very, very slowly drifting away from the Earth. Might want to re-think that metaphor.”