30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 20: Movie with your favourite actress

3 07 2011

Two words: Meryl Streep.

Web Therapy

10 06 2011

I have about 13 minutes before midnight and again, I’ve left this to the last minute, so I’ll try to be brief.

Why have I not watched this web series sooner?  Web Therapy stars Lisa Kudrow a.k.a. Phoebe from Friends.  She’s a therapist who has 3 minute therapy sessions with clients since she thinks a regular 50 minute session’s most important part is the beginning 3 minutes and can thus be condensed.  I believe she and Don Roos, the regular director of the series, have a general story laid out each episode and all the dialogue between Fiona Wallice, the therapist, and her clients, who are all guest stars including Courtney Cox, Jane Lynch, and I think I saw Meryl Streep in there, is all improvised.

The show is hilarious!  I can’t really say it — you’d have to watch it for yourself.  I just started watching today, and I can’t stop watching, even though I should probably be reading Nights at the Circus for English Lit class on Monday…. oh well.  Time well wasted.

Watch all the episodes of Web Therapy at L Studio: http://www.lstudio.com/