The real meaning of feeling “devastated”

18 12 2011

When a person claims to be “devastated”, it’s hard for me to imagine what exactly that word means.  Does it mean they’re feeling really really really bad?  What’s the difference between that and devastated?  Just how bad does it mean to be devastated.

Picture a city that is struck by a bomb.  Where tall, strong buildings once stood, there may be half-demolished ones clinging for life.  Pieces of walls fall down effortlessly.  Shrapnel litters the streets like a minefield.  Bricks that were once part of a house lie broken, fragmented, red spilling out.  It is so dusty that it is almost impossible to see, and the air, mixed with hazardous particles and dust pricks eyes and stings throats.  Limbs stick out of piles of debris, little flags– but it is too late.  There is no sound, no hint of rescue.


That is the real meaning of devastation.  That is how I feel when I say, “I am devastated.”

Something to Live For

15 11 2010

Probably some other crap I wrote in Math class in high school.  That last part with the “no longer” is written in super big capitals on the page.  Wow, I was so emo…

Something to Live For

So what’s the meaning to the biggest question?
We all make up reasons:
Fakeness, all Fakeness

Run by society’s madness
Out of control, beyond the brink of extinction
THe laughter, echoing throughout the
eras of  time.
All because of the lie created by our
Society and the media
And for what reason?

Take a picture.
I’ll last no longer.