30 Day Song Challenge: Day 29: A song from your childhood

8 05 2011

Does every elementary school have a Sports Day?  Every year, I was on the Green Team at Maple Grove Elementary and every year, for many, many years, the Gold Team would always win the Sports Day.  Somehow, they were able to get a lot more points than any of the other teams, not to mention the fact that they were gold, while the other colors were regular Red, Green, and I think, Blue.  If there was favouritism, it was obvious who it was for.

Anyway, I distinctly remember hearing “Octopus’ Garden” at one of the challenges one year (as does my sister).  I can’t remember what the actual challenge was, but because most of the Sports Day events took place outside, everyone would/could hear it, especially if it was playing on a loop.  At the time, of course I didn’t know who sang the song or what it was even called and it was only until my older sister was playing the Beatles that my sister and I, almost at the same time, suddenly recalled Sports Day and demanded to know what the song was.

One year, I guess the teachers thought a different team than the Gold team should win for once — since the winners who received points at the events were judged by teachers, for the most part, and hence, they could rig the entire Sports Day — and I remember one year, the Red Team won, and the next year, the Green Team finally won too!