Mao hates me

23 03 2012

March 23, 2012


As usual, not sure how it began.  I found myself with a whole bunch of other people bagging popcorn out of Fifth Ave’s bags in this giant, multi-sided popcorn popper.  The kernels weren’t popping correctly, however, because the water was “cold” (although it takes no water to actually make popcorn).  So we got half-popped kernels and there was a lot of people waiting or something.  Anyway, eventually it got going, and I “knew” was supposed to deliver the popcorn to my friend Kaori, who was sitting at a nearby table.  When I walked over, G. was sitting beside her.  He was a zombie: full of wounds, flesh hanging off his body, torn clothes, gashes everywhere, dead eyes.  I kind of stared at him a bit, then gave her the popcorn and returned to the popper.  I filled another bag (with some difficulty), and when I turned to go back to her, G. was there, no longer a zombie.  He was wearing his red hoodie that I remember him wearing so much.  We stood so close together that our noses touched, and he said sonething about kissing him.  We didn’t kiss though.

Eventually, the popcorn was done and there was this strange pile of DVDs in the shape of a coffee table that, every few seconds or so, would emit a burst of flames.  The DVDs create a tunnel that, coincidentally, is also where the fire explodes out from.  People standing around me are too afraid to crawl into the pile of DVDs to get some sort of thing inside a DVD, but I have no fear– I crawl in quickly and then quickly hide behind a pile of movies before I get incinerated by the next blast of fire.  I find the DVD everyone is going crazy for, and open it.  There’s a keychain with a mini baseball on it.  It is only then that I realize everyone is standing around me, towering over me as I’m still on the ground.  I guess the coffee table-DVDs wasn’t exactly closed off.  So I stand up with the baseball keychain, and people start “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing, saying it’s so special and what an honour and all that.  I still have no idea what it means.  Then my co-worker Julie comes by and someone must’ve said it was for her because the next thing I know, she’s smiling like a madman and super excited.  She says that this guy, whose name I forget, gave it to her before he died because he created the TV showXenaand wanted her to be Xena.  Julie gives me a hug and says how thankful she is.

Julie starts skipping away, excited, when I realize there are bad guys coming.  Suddenly, we’re all running for our lives.  I run in Julie’s direction, telling her to run away, and she does, except now they’re chasing me (naturally).  I run down Victoria Drive a bit, then turn around and I see who’s chasing me: Mao Zhe Dong, complete with Communist uniform.  He, along with a bunch of other people dressed in black, are getting closer and closer.  I find myself on this hoverboard thing that’s probably no bigger than a plate and I’m trying to float away, but of course it goes a sloth’s pace.  There’s a group of people in front of me that I know are Mao’s cronies, and I somehow turn them into popcorn.  When Mao and his army stampede on the popcorn, I yell to Mao, “Do you know what you just did?”, then I try to turn the popcorn back into his people, so that he’ll see he killed his own people.  Can’t remember if it worked or not.

I get to this open field and Mao is pretty much right behind me.  He starts attacking me, as I tell him it will be futile to attack since I can fly up to the clouds and evade him, but it doesn’t happen.  I can’t go higher, which is really annoying.  I think they start throwing books at me.  It all suddenly became this game because this one woman starts complaining loudly that one of her books hit me when in fact it didn’t.  I tell her that I would know if the book hit me or not and that she’s dumb.  Suddenly (again), I’m in this house with two women throwing books at me.  At first the books are orange; then, after they’re thrown, they turn into a teal colour, and after a while, the book falls apart and they start throwing new orange books again.  They do this for a while, and actually, the books are sort of alive themselves.  They manage to throw one that lands in a wardrobe.  It flutters around inside for a bit, and I go over on my hoverboard plate and lock the door so it can’t get out.  The women don’t have any other books to use (I guess they are restricted to throwing one book at a time).  After some exchange of words, I somehow leave the house and I’m back in the real world.