Binge watching Orphan Black

11 07 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve done some quality binge watching — and a drama series at that. I keep hearing all this stuff about Orphan Black so I thought I had to check it out myself, especially since I’ve seen Tatiana Maslany in other Canadian films (yay!) so I’m always happy to see Canadians breaking out. I’m up to Episode 4 tonight and it’s craaaaaazy! I love how the show leaves so many questions, has so many teases. Much like how Lost was.

I have a feeling things’ll get crazier soon too…

Downward spiral, here I come!

5 05 2012

Embrace me in your bear hug, for I have nowhere to run…

Help, I have lost myself again

2 05 2012

Lost myself and I feel unsafe…


19 02 2010

Now going back to the high school years, here’s something I wrote when I was in grade 10?  I think.  It’s not as embarrassing as Apparently, that’s for sure.  I think I also deluded myself into thinking I wrote a “song” with this when I just wrote some lines that rhymed.  Anyway, there’s no music or at least I don’t remember it.


In the early years,
Everything was fine.
It was all right
And you were mine.
But then you left
With no reason
Except a bunch of lies.
And here I’m standing
With internal sorrow
When I realized…

I’m lost,
Without you here, defying my fears
I’m lost,
Scared and lonely, and you can’t hold me.
You’ve caused
So much pain, with nothing to gain;
I’m lost and my heart has drowned in your rain.

The ache I feel
Is hard to describe.
It’s like a black hole:
Nothing can hide.
And now it’s getting closer,
Engulfing my mind,
Poisoning every thought.
Depression stabs me.
I want this to end,
But I know that I’m caught.

I’ve forgotten who I am,
Or what I used to be.
All I know is I’ll be found
When you finally return to me.