So December begins

1 12 2012

I made a list of all the things I want to do this month while I’m not attending school or working, and it is quite extensive, I must say.  I have no doubt I will not be able to get through everything, but I’m sure going to try.  And since it’s actually written down in a physical list (which I love), then the chances of me actually doing things is just a bit higher.  I have a plan to perhaps organize a fundraiser for Covenant House, but it’s a bit daunting to me, especially since I haven’t ever done something like that before and I don’t know if I can.  Plus, I’m not completely done with schools, as I do have two exams in about two weeks.  Anyway, it’s worth a shot, I think.

I did go out and buy a gym/pool membership at my local community centre and proceeded to very awkwardly work out for about half an hour because there were machines that I didn’t even know how to work (so I avoided them).  I feel a bit bad because I’ve always disliked the stereotypical gay guys who spend all their time at the gym and I don’t want to become one of those guys.  However, I do feel like my knowledge of the world and literature and my ability to think critically as well as spell correctly puts me above those brain cell-less idiots.  I am not an idiot.  I have to tell that to myself more often.

Guess my favourite movies!

20 02 2012

From an old note on facebook…

1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them in a note for everyone to guess.
4. Friends leave comments with your guesses, and the person who got it right will have their name next to the number and title…

Good luck! (You’ll need it!)

1. “We must get beyond passions, like a great work of art. In such miraculous harmony. We should love each other outside of time… detached.”

2. “I finally get a bouquet and it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing.”

3. “I am nobody’s little weasel.”

4. “Oh, wouldn’t it be great if I *was* crazy? Then the world would be okay.”

5. “C’mon now, you’re sleepin’ on your feet like a horse. My mama used to say that to me when I was little. And sing to me… ”

6. “Bite it… You’ve got to bite it… ”

7. “That’s the one. Go straight to the window, and hide behind the curtains. At exactly eleven o’clock, I shall go to the telephone in the hotel to call my boss. I shall dial the wrong number. This number. That’s all I shall do.”

8. “Certainly there are thirteen bodies in the cellar and there are hundreds more in the attic!”

9. Children of Men (I heart Alex!)
“Theo, the boat. The boat! It’s OK. We are safe now. We’re safe.”

10. “Oh, you can’t miss him Mrs. Chumley. He’s a Pooka.”

11. “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

12. “Mr. McKinney, I give you life in the memory of someone who no longer lives.”

13. Stardust (Kim!)
“What do stars do? They shine.”

14. “The crowds roar/The days soar/The babies cry without you/ The moon glows/The river flows/But I die without you.”

15. “It’s no use screaming at a time like this. Nobody will hear you. Help! Help!”

16. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Kim again! Too late Florrie.)
“Look, you stupid Bastard. You’ve got no arms left. ”

17. “Shut up! The man with the Colt 45 says shut up!”

18. “What… what do you think you’ll do while you’re setting up your new line of defense? Wander around luggin’ your suitcases?”

19. “Who knew there’d be so much drama inside the gates of Pacific Bluffs? I never knew.”

20. “Oh, listen, I don’t see what all this stuff about the knife has got to do with anything. Somebody saw the kid stab his Father, what more do we need? You guys can talk the ears right off my head you know what I mean? I got three garages of mine going to pot while you’re talking! So let’s get down and get out of here!”

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 28: Movie with your favorite hero

14 07 2011

Had to look up AFI’s list of the top 100 movie heroes and Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird was at the top of the list, so I went with that.  Nothing much else to say about that aside from the fact that he’s awesome.