Sitting on my ass all day

19 05 2014

I feel disgustingly lazy. It doesn’t help that it’s a holiday today and things are closed. Usually, I’m pretty good about occupying my time with things I need to do, but today, for whatever reason, it’s just been me sitting in front of my computer not doing much. I guess it’s something that I spent the morning trying to figure out how to switch webhosts for my website, which I needed to do eventually anyway, but sitting on my ass for long periods of time makes me feel as if I’ve done nothing productive today, even if I have.

At least I will literally be carrying cat poo and pee around on transit in a while. That should be fun.

Set in

16 04 2014

I can feel the laziness slowly creeping up my leg,
seizing a hold of my dick — with my hand on it
and my eyes are black holes
consuming anything/everything projected —
Two hours have passed
but it feels like I live in a white room and I am ageless.