Day of Purple to End Homophobic Bullying — conversation with a police officer

20 10 2011

I am staring at my candle, entranced by its pretty flame when I hear a man’s British accent beside me.

Cop: “So I just wanna know… what is this vigil for?”

Me: “It’s the Purple Shirt Day.  To end homophobia and bullying.”

Cop: “Okay.  And the vigil…”

Me:  “It’s to remember those who took their lives because of homophobic bullying in schools.”

Cop:  “Oh, so, like, hate crimes and shit?”

Me: “Uh… yeah…?” [confusion over why he’s talking about hate crimes all of a sudden]

Cop:  “Okay.  Thanks.”

Me:  “No prob.”

He walks away.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to feel anything when he said “hate crimes and shit” and I don’t think he meant it offensively.  I do think, especially for a law enforcer, that it wasn’t the best choice of words to use, especially at a vigil, but at the same time, I’m not flabberghasted or anything.

What do you think?

Dream 8

21 03 2011

Dream #1 in a series of 3 dreams (last entry was #2).  While typing this up, I noticed I say “weird” a lot.

Dream 8, March 27, 2005

I was at school in Mr. Mey’s room and it was supposed to be Law class, but there was a bunch of kids from my grade there, learning Socials (Anthony Lee, Ian, Jonny Wong) and me.  Mr. Mey was writing some notes on the board and I took out my notebook and started to write it down too cuz I said I really didn’t have notes (I have Mr. Sanky!).  I think people around me were kinda confused cuz I wasn’t supposed to be in their class but since I had Law, it was weird.  Then, some people in Law class started coming in and I told them Law was next block though it wactually isn’t.  Then, I saw this biology book and I looked in the cover and my name was on it!  Someone had taken my book and I had found it again.  Either the bell rang or everyone disappeared, I dunno.  I took my book and went to biology a weird route.  When I got inside, there were only a few desks and those desks were occupied by people.  I started walking over to Chels but only said hey when there weren’t any seats around her.  So I walked back to another empty desk and sat down (around Matthew and Merrick).  I believe they both started talking to me, kind hitting on me but Matthew was making it more obvious, especially when he took my hand.  I excused myself and went into the “old house kitchen”, sat near the fridge and started crying.

I think it was because I didn’t want to (and kinda still) fall in love with either of them, even though they are really great guys.  Then, one of them came in (I can’t remember who) ana dhe sat with me and it was nice.  I’m not sure if this next part is in the same dream but it’s school-related so I’ll put it here anyway.

I was in Ms Mersiadis’ class for French (?) and people were presenting these things.  I remember Jonny Won’g sthing and it was like this guy hiding.  His poster was quite big and just a drawing, compared to other people’s which were smaller and all writing.  Meanwhile, I was putting little stick-thing into a box divided into little squares.  I think I was trying to make them into candles but it would only work better if I took a whole bunch and tried to press them in; if I did it individually, it was harder to get them in straight, and they would angle in weirdly.  For some reason, the projector was on and the people had to go in front of the light and put the thing in front of the light and it would be magnified.  Joyce Lau was helping me with my weird thing, I think.  Some other people in Ms. Mersiadis’ class were there too (Duncan, Erica, etc.)  But Jonny is not in her class, he’s in my class for French which is weird.