Cats Meow!

11 09 2015



How to Speak Cat

4 09 2015

I’ve been neglecting updating some pictures of books I’ve read lately, so here we finally go. I was lucky enough to catch my cat in mid-lick here (she just finished eating a treat, the bag of which is behind her if you look on the left).




3 11 2014

My new favourite Internet kitties!

Charlie the cat

31 05 2014

If you ever pass by the SPCA Thrift Store on Victoria Drive and 37th Avenue, go in and see if Charlie, the resident cat, is hanging out. I could waste my whole day sitting with him and petting his furry belly like I did today.

2014-03-10 15.05.42

2013-03-30 18.22.09


My poor kitty

24 07 2013

Hiding in the corner of my room, away from my sister who is here for visiting for a week. So sad. She’s not like this to anyone else. 😦