Cats Meow!

11 09 2015



Cat Champions

9 02 2015

This is not the children’s book I spoke of reading next. As you know, I can’t resist a cat-covered book, and the photo cover of a little boy petting a cat that is obviously giving him a “Why are you touching me?” look was irresistible. Also, lots of cats inside too, like a wheelbarrow full of kittens that I couldn’t help but imagine should be all walking on top of me mewing while I laugh like a maniac.

And here’s me and my cat too! (Finally)



13 07 2014

-Guest post by Curtis blurtis


12 03 2014

They save me from being crazy, which would be helpful right about now.


2 02 2012

Saw Hugo tonight.  Was really good.  No time left.  Will write later.  Sleeping time soon.  I like kittens.