Saw the Hunger Games!

28 03 2012

What a nerve-inducing movie.  I was on edge in the first hour of the film, super tense from the atmosphere and the dread of the upcoming killing.  Quite a good movie, I must say, and I do think it did the novel justice.  It holds up as a film on its own right quite well too.

Anyway, I gotta start on my Canadian Lit. essay so not much writing from me today.  Coincidentally, I did have a dream last night where I was in my old house and my family was forced to kill each other.  I was told a prophecy that I would kill everyone and win a big prize… I’ll write the details later and keep you in suspense about what happened.  🙂


2 02 2011

I watched Battle for Algiers last night and wrote this just now.


the color in your eyes.
Switch on a fuzzy gel —
Anything to


Pour out the rageful, beating heart.
Must they be military drums hammering in your mind?
the pulses of all the dusty, limp arms pertruding from the rubble:
hairs on a scalp.

The smell of burning flesh cooking,
the main course for the victors.

When you have let go to grasped a few seconds,
and noticed the rain,
the drums fading out, replaced by sopranos wailing dirges,
maybe then will the intoxication finally fall like a white curtain,
letting you