Christmas music in October

23 10 2013

Really? Really?? At least it’s Kelly Clarkson.

Dark Side

19 05 2013

“Don’t go away. Promise you will stay…”

Mr. Know It All

12 11 2012

Super digging this weekend because of something that happened where someone felt as if they knew me, but really, “you don’t know a thing about me”.

Mr. Know It All
Well ya think you know it all
But ya don’t know a thing at all
Ain’t it, ain’t it something y’all
When somebody tells you something ’bout you
Think that they know you more than you do
So you take it down another pill to swallow


15 05 2012

I’m confusing as hell
I’m north and south
And I’ll probably never have it all figured out
But what I know is I wasn’t meant to walk this world without you
And I promise I’ll try
Yeah I’m gonna try to give you every little part of me
Every single detail you missed with your eyes
Then maybe
Maybe, yeah maybe

I need to be loved
I just need to be loved
I just want to be loved by you and I won’t stop ’cause I believe
That maybe, yeah maybe
Maybe, yeah maybe

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep

19 04 2011

As I mentioned in my facebook post, I don’t have any song that make me fall asleep.  If a song bores me, I just turn it off or switch to a good song.  It was either this one or “Comptine D’autre ete” by Yann Tiersen and I’m trying to post song songs instead, so I decided to go with some Kelly Clarkson.

After listening to it again though, it made me kinda tear up in a sad way.  But “Irvine” isn’t just a song that makes me sad.  I can imagine myself, were I ever sleepy enough to stay up and listen to music, falling asleep to this song…

A month in review

1 09 2010

I made it a goal of mine at the beginning of August to post one new post every single day and I did it!  In fact, I’ve been posting something every day since July 29th, which is pretty cool.  Or at least I think it’s cool because I never used to post this frequently.  I’m going to do my best to post something every day but with school coming up that may not be possible.  I have a 3 hour break in between my classes so I could do it then.  Anyway.

I also realized I try to be funny in these posts but I’m not.  That saddens me.  I like to believe I’m somewhat witty but I usually do it when someone says something rather than typing up random funny stuff.  Also I’m tired and not sure why that’s the case since I go to bed at around 1am and I still don’t really feel tired.  Maybe it’s from reading almost the first hundred pages of The Amber Spyglass I borrowed today (it’s so good!).

My sent me a link to some of Kelly Clarkson’s leaked demos.  There are 30 songs in there and some of them are kinda, really bad.  Seriously, a song called “Cleopatra”?  I almost feel bad for not liking them… almost.  She’s still awesome in my eyes.  Just not some of her songs.

Okay, I’m gonna stop trying to fill a post and end it here.  The end.