30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30: Your favourite song at this time last year

9 05 2011

Aside from keeping a journal, how is anyone supposed to know?  A year is a long time, and though I have a good memory, my favourite song from last year isn’t something that I particularly keep track of.  So I turned to youtube and looked through my favourites, trying to figure out when I have favourited some music last year and this song seems about right.

I like Keane, and I can stand K’naan and I think this duet between the two work quite well.  I may not like the direction Keane’s gone since their second album but meh.

Somewhere Only We Know — Keane

2 01 2011

Six-ish years ago, I first heard of a band named Keane.  Their first single, titled “Somewhere Only We Know” seemed to fare pretty well on Canadian radio (back when I still listened to the radio) but I didn’t think much of the song.  To me, it was just a song.  Not horrible, of course, but not something I would listen to over and over again.

I don’t know how I happened to listen to it again, but “Somewhere Only We Know” suddenly became the only thing I listened to about a week ago.  The music and the lyrics clicked with me — I just got it.  To have a place where two people have from the rest of the world, a place of secrecy and tranquility — a utopia of sorts, was very much relevant to me.  I listened to it on repeat, and have been playing and singing it on the piano almost every day now.  It’s just that good.

Even before this whole sudden love for Keane, I did have a listen to most of their second album via youtube and like most, if not everything on there, so it’s not like I hopped on the Keane bandwagon all of a sudden.  Just that I like them even more because of my newfound love for an old song.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Suddenly “getting” an older song even when you’ve heard it before?