I’m a published journalist!

27 12 2012

Or something.  I wrote a literary journalism piece.  I’ll just say that.

I’ve been working on this for the last week and I’m glad it’s done, and happy how it turned out.  And I am actually looking for someone to take the compost that I still have, so if you’re interested and you live in Vancouver (which I know no one in Vancouver actually reads my blog), then contact me!


“Oblivion” — Astor Piazolla

9 06 2011

When I was VFS, I took a Journalism course, and one of the  assignments was to interview someone and then write an article based on that interview (as opposed to simply transcribing the interview).  After researching and ultimately deciding to interview Linda Lee Thomas, the principal pianist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, I went over to her place where we talked about everything from growing up with music, CBC radio and its budget cuts from the then minority Tory government, and tango, which was a big passion of hers.  She dropped a few names of people and words that I had never heard of before relating to tango, and after I finished the interview, I had the tedious task of transcribing everything that was said. Ugh.

Unfortunately, since it’s difficult to spell words — let alone names — you’ve never heard of before, I had to google search a lot of what she said.  One of the names she dropped was a guy named Astor Piazolla.  From my research of him, he was one of the pioneers of tango in Argentina and is well-known for his contributions to the genre.  Linda Lee also mentioned that she was learning to play “Oblivion”, and this was the arrangement that I came across on youtube that I really, really like to listen to.

It doesn’t seem like stereotypical tango music, and it’s more calm than anything, which I really like.  I love the swells and dynamics of the piece and the contrast with the flute and piano… so many things I love about this arrangement.

Listening to this again makes me want to listen to some more tango music now!