30 Day Song Challenge: Days 17 + 18

28 04 2011

I know I’m super late in posting this but better late than never.  Day 17 is for a song that you hear often on the radio and since I don’t listen to the radio anymore, awhile back, this song seemed everywhere.  I don’t have much to say about it except that I really don’t like the video, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Day 18 was for a song that you wish was on the radio, and man, where do I start?  At first the question confuzzled me as I thought of songs that should be on the radio just because they’re good songs.  But then I thought about whether it was telling me to post a song that was would do well on the radio that wasn’t on the radio so I wasn’t sure… in any case, it was toss-up between two Jamie Cullum songs from his latest album, The Pursuit:  “Mixtape” or “Wheels”.  I thought of going with “Mixtape” but there’s a piano jazz solo in the middle of the song that is super awesome but not something you’d hear on the radio, so in the end, I went with “Wheels” instead.  In any case, I think “Wheels” was released as the second single from the album since there’s a music video to it (which I found a little disappointing since the song itself is about the current state of the world and the metonomy and metaphor of wheels as part of a car/the world).  It’s still a great song though.

It’s a shame that his music isn’t more well-known but in a way, his lack of being mainstream is what makes him also sell out his shows and make him so special, much like many indie/lesser-known artists.  Hmm.

“Not While I’m Around” — Jamie Cullum

27 08 2010

Once again, one of those songs I just kinda feel.  Originally from the musical “Sweeney Todd”, one of my favourite and awesomest musicians of all time, Jamie Cullum covers this song.  What I like about his version is that he makes it almost a pop ballad love song, contrary to the musical where the little kid sings it to Mrs. Lovett (I remember her name but I don’t remember the kid’s… oh well).

Here’s a live version of Jamie playing the song.  I haven’t had the chance to see him live before because tickets always seem to be sold out whenever he comes to Vancouver but one day!  One day…