Where’s Aaron?

25 05 2013

“Los vestidos desarrgados” — Alberto Iglesias

2 04 2012

Working in a theatre has allowed me to watch the credits of all the films that screen at our little theatre.  I may not have any time to watch the actual movies themselves, but I can tell you exactly what happens during the end credits, knowledge which is by and large useless (unless there’s a scene at the end and I can spoil it for someone, which is always fun).  Cleaning up to the credits of The Skin I Live In was really cool because I actually got to listen to intense, fantastic music of Alberto Iglesias, who wrote the score for the film.  I love how frantic and dramatic it is, which fits perfectly with the tone and plot of the film (I did manage to see this one, albeit at a second-run theatre after it had exited our cinema).  It’s interesting that Iglesias’s score for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was nominated for an Oscar and not this one.  I do think Tinker Tailor was much more subtle, as the film itself is quite an engrossing, quiet film, but man, sometimes it’s just fantastic to hear something so dramatic and exciting as this one.  And all played by strings too.

2012 LGBT Census

21 03 2012

I’m going through my list of drafts that I haven’t published, and I remember now I took the LGBT 2012 Census a while back.  I’ve been meaning to post a link to it, but I guess I forgot.  For anyone wondering why this census exists and what they want to do with the information, they have it all outlined on their website (I’m too lazy to re-type all the reasons why).


I hate Monsanto.

17 10 2011

I was reading about the pyschopathic corporation in preparation for my Sociology midterm tomorrow and on wikipedia, there’s a whole section dedicated to Monsanto’s illegal activity worldwide as well as criticisms it has been faced with, and it was just astounding with what the company’s done.  I thought I had seen it all in The Corporation and Food, Inc.  but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

But alas, I have to go to bed so I’m not a tired fool for tomorrow, so instead, here’s a link to the wikipedia article (as if you couldn’t find it yourself): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsanto

I hate you, Monsanto.  Please burn in hell.  Thank you.

Saturday Morning Documentary: Adventures in Architechture

10 02 2011

Adventures?  Architecture?  Yes, apparently it is indeed possible to have these two words in the same sentence.  With our host Dan Cruickshank, we travel around the world looking at different cultures’ architecture.  Each episode of this BBC made (another one) series features a theme: I think I’ve seen Death and most recently, an episode dedicated to structures associated with Power.  In the Power episode, Dan goes from examining a fortified castle in the Middle East, to interestingly investigating both slave houses as well as their masters’ houses in the New Orleans.  Structures that I — and probably most everyone else — normally couldn’t care less about are narrated and guided by the wonderfully outgoing and charismatic Cruickshank.  He’s certainly more engaging than Brian what’s-his-face of Wonders of the Solar System and as my sister pointed out before I had even started watching, he speaks with his hands A LOT (not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s kind of funny).

Although he’s not a comedian by any means, his level of intrigue and passion for architecture really make the series worthwhile.  Well, pretty much anything made by the BBC is worthwhile, but this is another cool, informative series made for the average viewer who doesn’t think twice about architecture.

Dan Cruickshank

Dan in a palace in Romania, part of the Power episode