12 03 2015

How underrated is local/community theatre? As a writer, it is some of the easiest ways to get inspired. Watched six short plays written by creative writing student sand was thoroughly impressed. Bravo!

The kick

28 12 2013

I have this project that is currently kicking my ass. It’s a personal essay that I’ve been working on for a while, and when I started, I was very motivated and inspired to write it. But it’s been going nowhere and everywhere at the same time, reaching off into tangents and mismatching information with my topic. I spent today just trying to re-organize and lay out the whole thing so that I could finally finish a draft since it’s taking so long to get through. I mostly succeeded, but I certainly didn’t feel motivated to write it anymore.

Then I went for dinner with my family at a restaurant and I saw someone I went on a couple dates with sitting a few tables away. He didn’t notice me, but when I saw him, I couldn’t help but think about how he said he only wanted to be friends with me, that there wasn’t really a spark between us. I thought back to how we never stayed friends at all, and how, when he pushed me away, I pushed harder back.

All of a sudden, I wanted to write my personal essay again. I got that kick in the butt that I needed to tackle my writing again because these things that I write about don’t go away. I realize I’m being vague about what exactly I’m writing about; it’s the idea of people rejecting you for someone else, or going after someone else and feeling left behind while everyone is ahead of you. Seeing this guy didn’t make me think about being left behind, but it was rejection, and rejection is never fun.

It’s helpful to get that kick once in a while, to remind you why you need to keep writing and keep going. So thanks for that, guy who rejected me.