A blog about the failings of UBC

22 01 2013

For one of my assignments for the Creative Writing for New Media class, we are to create a blog and write 5 posts.  I think this will be pretty easy, since 1. I already have a blog and know what to do and 2. I will probably not have a shortage of things to say, since I can go on and on about things (depending on what it is, of course).  I do have to come up with something of interest to readers; so far, I’ve come up with movie reviews for gay films, tracking my progress for making my next short film (or even that big documentary project I’ve been postponing for years), or even something like writing about the writing process of writing my creative non-fiction project (or some other assignment[s]).  And then I had a different idea!

How about a blog about the many horrible, disgusting, repulsive, shocking, angering, psychotic things UBC has done/continues to do?  There’s definitely no shortage of that going around.  I could call the blog “Reasons I am ashamed to be a UBC student”.  Now, you might be thinking, “Uh, okay, but, like, your teacher… uhh…”  And fair point.  Sure he might fail me.  But I suspect that he would actually find it quite interesting, as he is a writer, and writers are– or should be– open-minded about social issues and others’ opinions.  He also has a sense of good sense of humour (he’s done stand-up, I think he mentioned), and if I put some of my witticism in there, I think it would make for a good blog, or at least entertaining reading, about the school that is a place of one mind, not a place of mind.

Thoughts, Mr. Fluffet?