Running a house by yourself is hard work

8 07 2013

Especially when there`s another person living with you who doesn`t do shit to help you out and contributes to the pile of dirty dishes and garbage. Thank god for family, right?

Dream 13

9 08 2011

Aug. 20, 2005

I was in the old house and running downstairs.  Maggie and Florrie were out to get me some reason.   The bathroom door would not close and therefore, Maggie somehow took the door off.  I ran to the next room but it also failed to close and Maggie took that door off too.  I ran to the room next to Florrie’s and just closed it.  I started opening the window when Maggie came in.  her nose was a little bloody even though I hadn’t really done anything to her, except maybe push a door in her face.  I got down and she started punching me but I dodged them.  She then started kicking but I was too far away.  I grabbed one of her legs when she was kicking and swung her against a wall.  She lay face down.  I finished opening the window and looked back at her, just to see if she was going to miraculously wake up.

But she didn’t.

I ran out the window and heard Florrie coming out of the front door, saying, “Hey!”  I think there were subtitles…

[dreaming in subtitles?  That’s really weird and I think I might just use that for my screenplay about dreams…]

Dream 2

31 01 2011

July 10?, 2004

I’m talking to this man.  He tells me Sean is leving.  I ask if I can see him and he says okay.  He drives me to this blue/yellow small house.  I know on the door and his mom answers.  She lets me in.  I see Sean and he’s smiling.  He goes to the fireplace and starts packing, I think.  He seems sort of sad, I guess.  So I go up to him and put my arms around his waist, and it feels “larger” than I had expected.  I can sense his mom looking at me.  She says something about me putting my arms around Sean.  But Sean says, “It’s okay, he’s gay, and he loves me.”

Then I am soo happy and I try to help him.  And he puts his around me and it feels so right, but so far from reality…

His mom says something like “that boy has his around you” or maybe “It’s not right” or something again…