Cooking onself

2 07 2013

A thought occurred during the heatwave we’ve been having.

If I put coconut oil on myself as moisturizer (which I’ve been doing), and then proceed to go outside into the burning sun, am I not, in a sense, cooking myself?

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 16: A song you used to love but now hate

25 04 2011

Well, I don’t hate this song but I don’t like it as much as I used to.  After posting it, I realized there were other songs, notably from the Canadian band Lillix, like “Tomorrow” and “It’s About Time” that I do actually now hate because the songwriting is so juvenile.  But anyway, on the topic of bad Canadian artists, we have, of course, Ms. Avril Lavigne, who, as we all recall, was the subject of much scrutiny for being pretentious and acting like a rebel — well, “rebel”.  While her image didn’t bother me in the slightest since she had catchy, fairly good songs, I was eventually bothered by her sudden change to almost turn into the kind of girls she started her career out not wanting to be by her third disc.

With her tight new corsets in her video for “Hot” (which I find is a ridiculous song on its own) or sporting dance moves like in the overplayed “Girlfriend”, her new music left a sour taste on her old music and it really did feel like she was being pretentious all along.

All I know is now I can’t enjoy “Sk8er Boi” or “I’m With You” without thinking, “In 5 years, these songs will be meaningless.”