I hate Monsanto.

17 10 2011

I was reading about the pyschopathic corporation in preparation for my Sociology midterm tomorrow and on wikipedia, there’s a whole section dedicated to Monsanto’s illegal activity worldwide as well as criticisms it has been faced with, and it was just astounding with what the company’s done.  I thought I had seen it all in The Corporation and Food, Inc.  but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

But alas, I have to go to bed so I’m not a tired fool for tomorrow, so instead, here’s a link to the wikipedia article (as if you couldn’t find it yourself): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsanto

I hate you, Monsanto.  Please burn in hell.  Thank you.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12: A song from a band you hate

21 04 2011

This one was too easy.  Ugh, they annoy me so much.

I hate humanity.

9 02 2011

It’s nothing new.  I’ve always had it out for us.  Ever since I saw how unbelievably stupid we all are, how hateful we can get, the human race has been on the top of my hate list, right next to Fred Phelps (though, of course, since he is part of humanity, one could argue that they are the same).

I also now realize that I will feel more hatred and contempt every once in a while, like some sort of reality check, or like a period of pessimism.

And just today, I had a heavy period day.

Last night, I watched Downfall, since I thought it would be a good companion to learning about WWII in History class.  Though it was a great film and the main character survives the war (oh yeah, spoilers!), she confesses into the camera, now much older, that she didn’t know about the extermination of the Jews being a secretary for Hitler.  What is even more powerful was that she admits she was young (when she started working for Hitler) and wasn’t curious about these things, but that being young is not an excuse.  “There was always an opportunity to find out,” she says.  But she didn’t.  Of course, knowing about it and doing something are two different things.  But the point was that young people, as naive as they are, can’t use that as an excuse.

This confession combined with the large amount of suicides in the film (spoiler alert!) and murder — including that of a mother drugging her children to sleep and then giving them poison capsules before dying with her husband — left an impression on me.  Rather than admitting that they were wrong or trying to fix the situation, they decided just to kill themselves.  Sure, they thought the Russians would shoot them just the same, but it’s humanity’s pride that leaves me dumbfounded.

“5 million Jews were killed during the war”, it said at the end of the film.  It’s hard, at least for me, to put an image to that number.  For me, I’ve never been able to grasp the full extent of what 5 million people is.  It is a lot.  I know.

Around 20 million Russians died in the war, more than any other country.

Millions of other soldiers and civilians died from many countries.

In History class, we learned about a student protest in Hungary and when their demands proved to be too much, the Red Army came in and killed about 20,000 students.  Just like that.

To think that after the world had seen the horrifying uses of the concentration camps and that we would be better than that, no.  The Soviet Union started using them to house political prisoners, those who didn’t agree with Communism or even Stalin’s idea of Communism.

Then there are gruesome things like the Rape of Nanking, or using the atomic bomb on Japan, and I think, “How could we do this?  How can one entire species do so much damage, so much killing?”  So much needless death.

At the same time, I’ve been researching the brainwashing experiments done in Canada at the Allan Hospital in Montreal that took place during the late 1950s and early ’60s for an essay for my History class.  I’ve been reading this one book that details some of the horrific experiments that were performed on the patients, including massive amounts of ECT (electro-shock), non-consensual dosing of drugs including LSD — all in an attempt to wipe the mind clean before reprogramming it “healthily”.  You can, of course, imagine the serious mental damage this inflicted on patients: some were so far gone after treatments that they were unable to dress themselves, go to the bathroom, or even remember their names and their family.  All the while, Dr. Ewen Cameron, the boss in charge at the Allan, believed he was doing it for science, that he was indeed curing these people.  How the fuck is shocking someone 6 times in a row supposed to be helping them?  How is playing hateful, absolutely awful subliminal messages while they’re kept under a drug-induced coma supposed to cure them?  How can someone have seemingly no remorse at the ramifications of mental damage and the lives destroyed of these people in the end?

I read in the book today of a woman who wanted to become a doctor named Mary whose tale absolutely crushed me.  Through hard work, she obtained a Master’s and went on to try and work in a hospital.  After getting rejected from a whole bunch of places and failing some other tests, she suffered from depression and eventually checked herself in at the Allan, where Dr. Cameron took her on.  Though she was working in a hospital to another doctor, she was getting paid only $150 a month and barely had enough to buy herself food.  But she kept going, believing she could still do it, to become a working doctor.

Before Dr. Cameron  he got through fucking up her mind, he told her family that after the procedures, Mary would no longer be able to become a doctor.  And of course that’s what happened.  She came out of the treatment disoriented, had no recollection of the last ten days after waking up from her coma.  With help from her family, she was able to piece together what had happened, or at least some of it, and when she demanded from Dr. Cameron to talk with him and for him to tell her what he had really done to her, man-to-man, he merely laughed at her and said, “I can’t do that; you’re a woman.”

And just today, we watched a video for History class about post World War II, particularly what was going on in Indonesia and Vietnam.  Since the Pacific countries were originally taken over by European colonists and that during the war, and Japan had invaded the islands and sort of liberated them (but still used them nonetheless for labor), the leader of Indonesia sat down with the leaders of the European nation to negotiate.

“They sat down to talk but talks fell through.  Fighting began.”

That must’ve happened at least three times during the movie.  People on the verge of peace; can’t even sit together without getting pissed at each other; and when that fails, let’s send people to go kill each other!  Yeah, that’ll work!

My god.  I rolled my eyes every time that happened.  What the hell is wrong with people?

I know what you’re thinking: but humans have done so many awesome things!  Like build cars and discover cures and have porn readily accessible.  Okay, sure, but I think MILLIONS of people dying in wars or torturing people or the fact that we even have the term “genocide” outweighs any accomplishment man has ever achieved, not to mention we have the weapons and technology the pretty much nuke the entire planet to smithereens with the push of a button.  Fantastic work, people.

Oh, and while I’m being a crazy raving lunatic here, I’ll also say that the average person is a dumb twit too.  I see buses fly by Langara, full in the front but empty in the back and I think, “You spend thousands of dollars on tuition and yet you’re too utterly moronic to have the decency to take a few steps to the back so that people can get on.  Bravo.  Bravo!”  Even simply things like that throw me back to despising the world with an inferno of a passion.

Yes, it is easy to criticize the human race for everything.  But if we’re so proud to be the best thing on this earth, I should think that one should have higher standards than just “Oh, but we built the pyramids and what about love?”

If I should be proud of the human race, give me something to be proud of, goddammit.

A Sermon for Change

20 11 2010

Another poem written this year for poetry class.

A Sermon for Change

You don’t even deserve the back seat of a bus –
A noose around your neck, dragged down a gravel road is better.
Your tainted mind,
Black sin, tar on your skin
You’re all scarecrows, unguided
We are simply the shepherds, finding your destined fence where you’ll be tied.
Brothers and sisters, take up arms
Use barbed holy books,
Sing golden slurs,
Or more simply a baseball bat, God’s miracle, to the head works wonders.
Of course you’re going to hell for loving someone.
It doesn’t make sense any other way.
Yes, God loves you.  Enough to create a disease, or rather, a gift, especially for you.
How we’d love to see you blaze like dry sticks choked with rope,
Or hacking all your crevices until they become abysses full of red.
For every step you take, we’ll not only push you back three but rape a little of your dignity.
This is a war you will never win.

So lie there, nose to the dirty floor with our boot stamping shit on your cheek.
You will never rise.
You won’t even try.

Prove us wrong.

Prove that our existence is not to exterminate yours
That the higher power created you for another reason than
Treating your sickness by injecting bullets.
I urge you to open the gates to the rage you suppress
And let those who oppress
Feel – know, experience the stabs of robbing your freedoms
Forcing you underground
And killing your friends.

Overthrow us.
Stand up.
Face us.
Say, “Fuck you.”
And let’s start from there.



19 02 2010

Now going back to the high school years, here’s something I wrote when I was in grade 10?  I think.  It’s not as embarrassing as Apparently, that’s for sure.  I think I also deluded myself into thinking I wrote a “song” with this when I just wrote some lines that rhymed.  Anyway, there’s no music or at least I don’t remember it.


In the early years,
Everything was fine.
It was all right
And you were mine.
But then you left
With no reason
Except a bunch of lies.
And here I’m standing
With internal sorrow
When I realized…

I’m lost,
Without you here, defying my fears
I’m lost,
Scared and lonely, and you can’t hold me.
You’ve caused
So much pain, with nothing to gain;
I’m lost and my heart has drowned in your rain.

The ache I feel
Is hard to describe.
It’s like a black hole:
Nothing can hide.
And now it’s getting closer,
Engulfing my mind,
Poisoning every thought.
Depression stabs me.
I want this to end,
But I know that I’m caught.

I’ve forgotten who I am,
Or what I used to be.
All I know is I’ll be found
When you finally return to me.


21 01 2010

My friends know this, but occasionally, I will write songs about my friends or people I know.  So if you want a song, just do something special.  🙂  Or in this case, stupid.

One of my best friends was in a relationship (if you could even call it that) with a douchebag and despite everyone’s warnings and words, she, for reasons no one else could see, continued to see him and at one point, announced she “loved” him.  This song was an effort by me to basically try and make her realize how stupid she was being, and trust me, she was pretty stupid.  I think she would agree, and if not, then… she’s just being stupid.  😛


He’s got her in the palm of his hand
Something he enjoys to do
She can see through his pretty little game
And all she wants is you

And she convinces herself that his words spoken
Mean so much more than leave her broken


She’s stained by the lies
I wish I could lift her eyes to see the truth
Release her from this pain
Oh, but she’s stained

My words mean something, but his mean more
Does she truly believe what she feels?
I can only show her another door
Tainted by the thoughts of what is real

So another two weeks go by till she hears from him again
I’m hoping it will be the last time

Repeat chorus

I wonder how the story will all end
Wonder if I’ll lose another friend
No surprises if she wants to stay
I have to learn to tear my hand away/this song’s all I’ve left to say

Chorus x2

She’s stained
She’s stained
She’s stained