Forgotten Memory (Aisle 8)

10 02 2010

Forgotten Memory ( Aisle 8 )

I spend a lot of time
Relentlessly pursuing what I’d erased
You think I would’ve learned my lesson
But that isn’t the case

And I’m bleeding out the memories of you
The ones that leaked from my head
And as it trickles down my arm
I grasp every word ever said

So the minutes pass by
As I waste another precious moment
In aisle 8
Yeah, the seconds tick by
As I waste another precious moment
Staring at a faded memory
In the arms of aisle 8

Fumbling with a string of forgotten words
I remember the reason I’m here
Oh you barrage and you fight me like a disease
Until it becomes me who has disappeared

And the record skips one more time around
Capturing glimpses of the past
But it does no good as it reminds me
Of all the things I longed to have

Repeat chorus

And I wish I had the decency to see
All the things that blinded me
From the world and everything completely
I learn to tune you out finally

Repeat chorus