The Island President

8 09 2012

Going to see this documentary tomorrow.  Whereas other people are excited to see The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers, I’m actually really excited to watch this one.  I’m strange, I know.  Not mainstream at all.

Note: I still have not seen The Dark Knight Rises. Waiting for it to screen at a second-run theatre so I can see it for cheaper with less people too (I don’t mind waiting, obviously).

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 23: Movie that inspires you

6 07 2011

When this film was released back in 2006, I went to see it with my sister and friend in the theatre, and everyone else in the room were all older people.  We wondered if this meant that only older people cared about global warming or perhaps they just weren’t into documentaries.

When the credits roll, there’s some animation about some small things we can do to fight global warming like planting a tree, turning off lights and the tap.  Simple things like that.  I think this film in particular really brought to people’s eyes the reality of global warming, and allowed us to have worthwhile conversations about climate change and how to stop it.  I also think the film was fundamental in helping start the green movement and the move to organic products and food, which I’m really thankful for.

Watching this movie really made me aware of my own carbon footprint and trying to do things differently.  An Inconvenient Truth is what a documentary — and any film, for that matter — should to do: affect people enough to create change.

Saturday Morning Documentary: e2

29 08 2010

At the same time as An Inconvenient Truth and before being environmentally conscious/green was considered cool, PBS had a series called e2: The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious (also known as simply e2).  I’ve only seen the first six episodes of season 2 — I wasn’t aware there was more than one season nor that there were more than six episodes — and so far, it’s been interesting.  It’s presented in high-def, which is always a good touch, and the interviews from policitians especially is intriguing, as we (or at least I) rarely hear people in politics talk about their goals regarding how to be more green.  The episodes I saw range from topics like investigating wind energy in “Harvesting the Wind”, the rise of electric vehicles in “Paving the Way” (I think it was this episode), and the pros and cons of nuclear and coal energy in the final episode.  Narrated by Morgan Freeman, e2 though dry at times, is still moderately engaging.  And anyway, it’s only 25 minutes per episode so even if you fall asleep, you won’t miss that much.

PBS e2

PBS e2