Fun Home

10 08 2015

My next book was supposed to be a memoir. I wanted to read some sort classic, benchmark memoir book but had a surprisingly hard time finding something I was interested in. So I took a look at my own list of books I had set aside on my Later list, and Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel was the first one the list.

I knew I was going to enjoy this one and I did. I was pleasantly surprised to see how literary it was; there were words I hadn’t come across before, allusions and comparisons to all sorts of things like The Brady Bunch and The Odyssey. I found her father’s life and death to be fascinating, if sad. After King Lear it was fun to jump ahead a few centuries and see that masculinity and power still have create problems in people.

Also, these boxers are so big and loose that they sometimes fall off (much to everyone’s disgust). This is them without doing anything after putting them on.