“Loin De Paname” — Paris 36

19 10 2011

Puisque je dois pratiquer mon français plus, et même si j’ai déjà un blog de français, je vais créer un article, um, anyway.  Voilà une chanson du film, Paris 36, que je veux regarder un de ces jours.  Elle a été nominéé pour un Oscar il y a quelques années (mais la chanson du film Crazy Heart, “The Weary Kind”, a gangé le prix).  Néanmoins, j’adore cette chanson et la mélodie beaucoup.


Saturday Morning Documentary: Winged Migration

15 10 2010

Yes, this film is about birds and them flying around the world.  What the film makes up in lack of plot or story is done with fantastic, gorgeous cinematography.  Climbing great heights to fly alongside or even below the birds, this documentary that took 3 years to film was nominated for an Oscar in 2003.  Produced in France, Winged Migration follows several species of birds as they, well, migrate over vast distances all around the world.  Their difficult and arduous journeys make you — or at least me — see birds in a different light; they are really tough creatures, arguably tougher than humans.

A must-see for all nature lovers or if you want to have a new respect for our feathered friends.

Birds in Winged Migration