Dream 12

8 06 2011

Sept. 5, 2005

I was with Maggie and some other girls and we were walking to the PNE.  They went into a few stores as well (on the way there).  At one point, we all split up with someone else and I got paired up with Maggie.  She told me that she was sorry for everything.  She said, “I/it was sad.  Just sad… that’s all.”  She kept mentioning that she was sad about it and that she forgave me.  She even took my water bottle and put it in her bag.  I was sooo relieved it was all over and that I could finally play computer.  What a shame it was only a dream though.

[My commentary: I realize how vague this dream is and what I was probably afraid to write what the dream was about (but I still understand what I meant, 6 years later).  Nonetheless, I’m still not telling…]