12 03 2012


It’s a busy-as-usual Saturday night, and everyone at concession has line ups.  Aaron is on C1.

Aaron:  Enjoy the show!

MAN:  Thanks.

A woman (50-something… not sure), made-up face and wearing jewelery, arms linked with and dragging what seems to be either her incapacitated husband (50’s) or a mute hostage.  The woman speaks quickly, as if it is a life or death situation.

Aaron: Hel–

Woman:  Cappuccino.

Aaron: [taken aback]  I’m sorry?

Woman:  Cappuccino.  Cappuccino!

Aaron:  Oh!  Uh, unfortunately, we don’t have specialty coffees anymo–

Woman: Coffee!  Do you have coffee?

Aaron:  Yes, we–

Woman:  Give me a coffee!

Aaron: Um, sure.  Would you like a regular size or–

Woman:  Regular!

Aaron:  Alright.

He pushes the button on the screen and turns around to dispense said coffee.  When he turns back around with the cup of coffee, there is exact change laid out next to his till.

Aaron:  Here you–

The woman snatches her coffee and drags her husband/hostage (oh wait.  Same thing) away.  Aaron stands there, momentarily stunned.

Just another night at Fifth Ave.